What are the top benefits of dental crown procedures?

Crowns in Leicester are a type of prosthesis designed to completely cover the whole tooth. These are custom-made and are widely used for both aesthetic purposes, as well as to restore the functional health of teeth. It is our aim at Aesthetic Smiles to provide our patients with a diverse array of dental treatments and procedures that meet their differing needs.


Crowns in Leicester are a suitable option to use for many dental problems, from resolving shape and size of tooth issues to restoring the function and appearance of damaged or chipped teeth.  For many patients, this treatment is relatively more affordable than alternative procedures and can offer results in a faster turnaround time. In addition to this, due to the experience and expertise of our dental practitioners, we have found that our quality procedures in crowns in Leicester offer patients an excellent success rate.

Top 4 benefits of using crowns

  • Removes eating and chewing challenges

Dental crowns are often regarded as an aesthetic treatment, but there are plenty of functional benefits too. One such function is improved eating ability. Damaged or cracked teeth can make eating functions like chewing a challenge. A patient may also have to restrict themselves to certain food types, to avoid the pain and discomfort of consuming their favourite foods. Seeing that crowns are made of durable materials, these allow patients to lift their food restrictions and enhance their chewing ability.

  • Crowns play a protective role

The design of dental crowns allows this dental instrument to play a valuable protective role in dental health. As the cap covers the entire surface area of the tooth structure and is bonded securely in place, there is very little chance of bacteria reaching the vulnerable layers of the tooth. Many preventable dental issues can be eradicated as long as invading bacteria in the mouth is prevented from accumulating.

  • Cosmetic enhancements for teeth

A second benefit of the specially designed dental crown is that it can be effectively used to mask numerous tooth imperfections, such as misshapen teeth, discolouration and staining issues, fractures and cracks. A patient receives individualised treatment as crowns are custom-made according to their preferences in shape, length, width and colour.

  • Repairing enamel damage offers relief from discomfort

Damage to the surface area of a tooth can generate pain and discomfort. This is especially so if there is evidence of severe decay that has reached the root structures. Crowns are often used as a reliable treatment method to treat tooth sensitivity.

  • Crowns are made from highly durable material

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, materials used in the manufacture of crowns are highly durable. This factor contributes to its popularity among patients as they offer incredible value in terms of investment. For crowns to offer a long service life, it is critical that patients pay close attention to their oral hygiene habits – a key part of which are dentist-recommended check-up appointments.

Crown procedures are generally simple in nature and minimally invasive. Our dentist will first have to examine a patient’s mouth to determine the suitability and need for crowns. This is to secure the longevity of the tooth restoration and ensure that desirable outcomes can be achieved.

Think you might be suitable for dental crowns and want to know more about our procedures? Schedule a consultation with one of our dental practitioners at Aesthetic Smiles.