Feeling low about your face?

No one likes the effects that ageing has on the face. We get told off for having been in the sun too much and not eating the right foods, but everyone gets wrinkles. There are some that we can help you with if you want facial rejuvenation in Leicester.

Facial Rejuvenation LeicesterAt Aesthetic Smiles, we appreciate that sometimes having a great set of teeth can only make the wrinkles look more wrinkly, but there is a way to smooth them away without having to go as far as surgery. Here, we have put our in-depth knowledge of the head and neck and our skills with a needle to great use by now offering Botox.

Botox has become mainstream and it is now widely accepted as a safe way to smooth away wrinkles and lines caused by muscles that we habitually contract. We don’t mean to create crow’s feet by screwing up our eyes to peer at things, or by smiling and laughing. It isn’t our intention to add frown lines to our faces when we concentrate or worry lines above our brows, but we do.

However, with Botox injections, we can help you gently and subtly smooth away those wrinkles, and even smoker’s lines around your mouth, in a process that develops over the course of a week or so.

How Botox works

The Botulinum type A toxin was originally used to stop excessive sweating but it was discovered that it also worked really well on lines and was marketed as Botox. We inject just the right amount of Botox into the area of your wrinkle. It blocks the signalling pathway between the nerve and muscle and slowly the muscle smooths out. We can make sure you can still make natural expressions but you won’t be able to hold the muscle in constant, subconscious tension anymore.

The gradual development means that friends and family may not even consciously notice that you’ve had Botox, just that you are looking more refreshed than usual.

Botox treatments last for about four months, and at Aesthetic Smiles, we recommend that you come in for a top-up treatment after three months, if you like the results.