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Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a modern brace solution that offers patients a successful teeth straightening treatment. The brace is designed to correct mild orthodontic conditions and provide the user with straighter looking teeth in just six months.

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Designed to be discreet, fast acting and effective, Six Month Smiles promote healthier teeth in terms of both function and appearance.

The Six Month Smiles treatment is an innovative and cost-effective alternative to traditional fixed braces. By maximising the potential of brace materials and function an aesthetically pleasing outcome is achieved in the shortest period of time.

At Aesthetic Smiles we provide Six Month Smiles to our patients for the treatment of crooked, irregularly spaced or misaligned teeth. If patients require a smile degree of transformation in a short space of time for a special event, such as a birthday, graduation ceremony or wedding, Six Month Smiles is able to provide quick and effective results.

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Six Month Smiles Treatment

6 month smiles braces

Comprised of transparent brackets and tooth coloured wires Six Month Smiles braces are custom-made to meet the orthodontic needs of the individual. Our certified dentist uses the Six Month Smiles assessment tool to evaluate each individual's suitability for treatment and will advise on treatment procedure, duration, benefits, risks and costs.

Six Month Smiles is made to improve oral hygiene and provide comfort during the teeth alignment process. The clear brackets and tooth coloured, nickel titanium wires allow individuals to undergo discreet treatment. Once teeth are repositioned a retainer is often worn to keep the teeth in their new position and to prevent relapse.

Clear Positioner

During treatment patients are able to maintain normal nutrition and maintain oral hygiene care. The design of the brace does not interfere with speech. The clinician provides guidance on cleaning and maintaining the device and also monitors tooth movement progress.