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Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dental veneers are a cosmetic dentistry treatment provided at Aesthetic Smiles for patients wishing to improve their tooth shape, size and colour for improved smile aesthetics.

Veneers offer a solution for chipped, misaligned or stained teeth, mainly being used to improve the look of teeth which are visible when smiling. The veneers are sculpted and matched to the patient's shade of choice, with advanced options in both white composite and porcelain materials. Dental veneers reflect healthy, bright, symmetrical teeth and are often chosen by celebrities for the Hollywood smile.


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Veneer Treatment

Although dental veneers can provide a straighter look to teeth their function is mainly cosmetic. They are designed to improve the appearance of the smile. Some patients choose to have an orthodontic teeth straightening treatment such as Invisalign or the Inman Aligner before they receive porcelain-veneers-leicester.

Where orthodontic braces are not a suitable or desired treatment, such as for minor teeth spaces or tooth gaps, dental veneers are the ideal solution to fill these gaps and supply proper teeth alignment. Veneers may be used to align one or more teeth.

Procedure for Veneers

Uniquely produced to suit each patient's needs dental veneers are applied to prepared teeth using a dental bonding agent. This can be compared to the application of false fingernails. The dentist will take oral impressions and show the patient previous before and after case studies. The point in using the case studies is to display what the patient should expect from treatment.

There are various types of veneer available for patients to select from and they range from thin to ultra-thin. Veneers such as Lumineers provide differences in shape, shade, size and durability to suit individual needs.

Veneers improve tooth symmetry and colour to enhance an individual's smile for the Hollywood look. Patients are likely to feel a boost in self-confidence and appreciate their appearance more than ever before.