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Wand Pain free injections


Many patients are afraid of visiting the dentist. One of the major causes of fear of the dentist is in fact fear of needles and/or injections. To combat this, we use The Wand, a specially-designed system that delivers pain-free injections and minimises the bee-sting sensation when you need local anaesthetic. What's more, it doesn't even look like a needle!

The Wand has been specially designed to deliver anaesthetic in a controlled manner. It is computer-controlled and is shaped like a pen, bringing the delivery of anaesthetic in dentistry into the 21st Century.

Dental Phobia Certified

Many patients believe that the bee-sting effect they experience with traditional syringe-based injections is caused by the skin being pierce. However, this is not actually the case. The uncomfortable sensation is in fact caused by the anaesthetic being delivered too quickly. The Wand takes away the margin for human error and delivers anaesthetic at a low pressure and slow rate, making it both pain-free and more effective than traditional dental injections.

Because it is shaped like a pen, The Wand also helps patients who are phobic of needles. It's not just the actual injection that causes fear – even the sight of a syringe can cause phobic patients to panic. The pen shape of the device helps to combat this.

The pen is connected to a tower-shaped machine that controls delivery of the anaesthetic. The anaesthetic itself is held in a small cartridge on top of the machine, which is connected to the pen by a tube. Your dentist starts the machine by using a foot pedal, and can then focus all attention on holding the pen in the correct position to deliver the anaesthetic.

With The Wand it is also possible to numb just the tooth that needs treating, meaning that you will no longer have the problem of numb lips and tongue affecting your ability to eat and drink in the hours after treatment. The sensation is so different to a traditional dental injection that many patients don't even realise they have been injected until their tooth starts to numb.

The cartridge holder, delivery tube and pen are all single-use disposable parts for maximum hygiene. Many patients who were previously afraid of dental injections have been pleasantly surprised by the pain-free injection experience of The Wand.