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Dental Implants

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Denture Stabilisation

Denture Stabilisation

Implant-retained dentures are dentures that are anchored by dental implants. Dental implants are designed to replace the root section of a missing tooth and will be inserted into pre-drilled sockets in the jawbone. Once the implants have integrated successfully with the bone tissue they can support crowns, dental bridges and dentures.


A 12 page report full of the most useful information, ideal if you’re thinking about replacing missing teeth

  • The costs and lowest price alternatives
  • Your options and choices for treatment
  • Are you suitable for treatment?
  • Can dental implants be used as an alternative to root canal treatment?
  • What happens if you smoke?
  • How many implants might you need?
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Implant-retained dentures are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a more stable, long-term solution for denture wearers.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of implant-retained dentures is the increased anchorage and support for the dentures.

Many still assume that dentures are bulky, false teeth which come loose and fall out continuously. However, this is no longer the case as modern dentures provide improved functionality and are much more aesthetically pleasing.

Despite the advances in denture design and manufacture it is still possible for dentures to become loose. This issue can create anxiety in patients, especially when eating or in social situations. Implant-retained dentures ensure that dentures will never come loose again, offering patients complete peace of mind.

The implants are also designed to improve the functionality of the dentures. The increased support from the implants enables better chewing, biting and grinding, which means you can eat your favourite foods once more.

Implant-retained dentures are also comfortable, easy to maintain and longer-lasting than conventional dentures.

At Aesthetic Smiles we provide implant-retained dentures for patients who are looking to achieve optimum function and excellent aesthetics. Implant-retained dentures provide patients with stable teeth that look natural and function correctly.