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Dental Phobia

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It's amazing how effective online education and training courses can be, so we've taken that effectiveness and used it in our own Beat Your Dental Fear email series! We've taken our years of experience and knowledge with helping patients with fear and anxiety at the dentist and put them all down in a series of simple to digest daily e-mails. The e-mail series lasts 7 days and each day you'll discover:

  • Where your dental fear comes from and learn techniques to remove those triggers
  • The best things you can tell your dentist and how to let us know what your concerns are
  • How to prepare for visiting the dentist and steps you can take to make things more comfortable
  • Things to do to take control in the dental chair (like agreeing a stop signal)
  • How to overcome anxiety if it starts to take a grip
  • Our amazing top tips to overcoming dental fear

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