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Your Perfect Smile with Quick Straight Teeth

Looking for a perfect smile?

Looking for quick straight teeth with a cost-effective treatment?

This blog post is dedicated to helping you achieve a beautiful smile, in as short a period as possible with the most cost-effective options.

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What is the fastest way to straighten teeth?

Understanding which is the fastest way to straighten teeth begins with answering a simple question, “Which teeth the straightening and what do you want to achieve?”.

If there is a single tooth which is rotated and needs to be straightened into line then very often dental bonding can be used. This is a process whereby a dentist applies a layer of tooth coloured resin over the surface of a crooked tooth, building it out into line so that it looks straight when viewed from the front. Dental bonding can often be done with no injection and in the treatment room.

This means there is no waiting, no impressions and a new beautiful straighter smile is achieved in about 30 min.

the Inman aligner
the Inman aligner

If more teeth require straightening, for example concentrating on the front 6 to 8 teeth, then a rapid orthodontics system such as Inman aligner may be best suited. This uses a revolutionary spring and wire system which both pushes and pulls in different directions at the same time to achieve a perfect smile rapidly.

The braces work by only putting pressure on exactly the right place on the tooth. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of the Inman aligner is that it is removable, this means patient compliance needs to be at its greatest wearing the aligner for at least 20 hours a day; it is also more visible as the wires can be seen clearly. This system is also only suitable to correct mild to moderate problems.

quick straight teeth
Quick Straight Teeth Braces

For a perfect smile in around 6 months (or 24 weeks depending on complexity) then Quick Straight Teeth braces can be used. This employs fixed orthodontics (so the patient is not tempted to take the braces out and therefore increase treatment time), the brackets and wires are tooth coloured meaning they are completely discreet and virtually invisible in the mouth when viewed at a regular speaking distance. This system is good for resolving moderate problems quickly.

Is there any way to straighten teeth in one day?

Yes, teeth can be straightened in a single day in some circumstances, dental bonding can be used over the surface of the teeth to give the illusion of straightness. Some practices also have digital technology allowing them to manufacture a series of dental veneers. Dental veneers require removal of the front surface of the teeth, the new veneer is then made to cover the surface in a straighter tooth alignment.

How do celebrities get their teeth fixed so quickly?

In many instances it is an allusion that celebrities have their teeth fixed so quickly, remember, many of the times one sees a celebrity online it is a recording and there is often little way to put a timing or date on this. It can therefore seem that celebrities teeth become straight very quickly, when the reality may not be the case.

It may also be that the celebrity has dental veneers rather than orthodontics. Dental veneers can reshape teeth, whiten them and give a straight a look very rapidly, typically in around 3 weeks. This is how some celebrities seem to have straighter teeth so quickly.

Tom Cruise

Can a dentist file my teeth to be smaller and straighter?

The anatomy of the tooth

Another question which gets asked frequently on the chat forums online. When thinking about having teeth filed down it’s important to bear in mind the anatomy of the tooth. On the very inside of the tooth is the nerve and blood supply, this is extremely sensitive and needs to be covered up.

Over the top of the nerve and blood supply is a thick layer of dentine. This is a softer structure than the final outer layer of the tooth but provides some form of cushioning effect. Finally there is the hard outer layer of the tooth known as the enamel. Enamel is the hardest structure in the human body.

If the outer surface of the tooth is filed to be smaller and straighter then the enamel will be worn away and some of the dentine may become exposed. The dentine has fine tubules which reach from the outer surface down to the nerve and blood supply, if these tubules become exposed then teeth can become extremely sensitive.

It is therefore important to retain as much natural tooth enamel as possible, the human body is amazing and puts the enamel structure there in order to protect the tooth. Removing it is therefore not a good idea unless it is then covered up again by something such as dental bonding, of veneer or a dental crown.

Where can I buy braces for my teeth online?

This is a very common question that more and more people are beginning to ask, there are indeed places where you can buy braces online however we would like to give warning about doing this.

When you have teeth straightening procedures at a dentist the dentist is not only looking to straighten your teeth, they are checking to make sure that the teeth are in a healthy state to be moved in the first place. Your dentist will also be checking for dental health issues which can arise whilst wearing braces, this will be done during the routine appointments throughout the orthodontic treatment.

Missing out the dentist and purchasing braces online through one of the many direct systems can mean that the oral health care of the patient is compromised as there is no dental professional overseeing the treatment directly. We advise extreme caution when going down this route of treatment.


A perfect smile can be achieved in many ways using a combination of restorative techniques such as dental bonding, crowns or veneers as well as orthodontic techniques such as the Inman aligner or Quick Straight Teeth orthodontic system. The real secret to understanding how to achieve a perfect smile in the shortest period of time is to have a conversation with a dentist, they can then advise on the best treatment protocol to achieve your desired results.