Why might I consider botulinum toxin?

Botulinum toxin in Leicester (also commonly referred to as Botox) is a facial aesthetic treatment used to rejuvenate a patient’s face. Botulinum toxin in Leicester is a treatment we recommend to our patients in order to reduce the lines on the face, and to ensure youthfulness is restored, without having to resort to major surgical procedures. Individuals who may consider this particular form of treatment may be suffering from signs of natural ageing, which they may wish to soften. Individuals may consider receiving any form of facial aesthetics if they wish to increase their self-confidence, and enhance the appearance of their smile, and their face.

Why choose us to receive botulinum toxin in Leicester?

At our clinic within Leicester we know how hard it may be to choose a dental clinic right for you, however we believe our dental expertise is perfect for the administration of this particular form of facial aesthetics. One advantage of receiving Botox by dentists is that they have a detailed knowledge of the facial anatomy that many other administrators may lack. Qualified dentists are able to perform this type of facial procedure with great skill and care, ensuring the Botox is delivered safely to the patient. Regarding our dental clinic in particular, we are a team of various dental health care professionals, with a pride in delivering a high standard of dental care and customer service. Our dental team aims to produce a clean, professional, and relaxing dental environment for all of our patients.

How does botulinum toxin In Leicester work?

In terms of the treatment process, Botox is in fact extremely simple to administer, and can be completed within one dental appointment (typically taking five to ten minutes). We use botulinum type A at our dental clinic, which works by relaxing the tiny facial muscles (which cause expression or frown lines), blocking the nerve impulses in them allowing the face to appear smoother.

Which areas can I treat using Botox?

Despite Botox being widely available and offered by many medical clinics worldwide, many patients that are considering receiving this form of facial rejuvenation may be aware of the results it produces, however they may not be aware of the areas that can be treated. Areas that can be treated include the frown lines, the eyebrows, the forehead, and lines surrounding the mouth and the lip.

What are the benefits of receiving Botox?

The life benefits of receiving Botox include being a non-surgical alternative (which is therefore not painful), as well as a youthful looking smile. In addition to the physical improvements Botox can make, it can also dramatically increase a patient’s mental well-being, regarding their self-esteem.

How much does botulinum toxin In Leicester cost?

Much like any form of dental treatment (whether this be general, restorative, or cosmetic dentistry), the cost varies greatly, depending on the frequency and extent of the individual case. At our clinic, we offer finance plans to ensure our patients can avoid the upfront cost of any treatments, and therefore spread the cost of their treatments evenly over several months.