Replacing loose dentures with dental implants in Leicester

Removable dentures have been used since the 7th century BC. To say that they are outdated is an understatement when there is a far superior option to having a brilliant and fixed set of false teeth that are secure enough to give you the confidence that ill-fitting dentures may take away. We at Aesthetic Smiles know how important it is for you to be living your best life and how the insecurity some people feel with dentures can limit your experience, which is why dental implants in Leicester are the premium choice for tooth and denture replacement.


Outdated dentures

While dentures today may use porcelain or dental composites as false teeth and no longer sport the once-popular animal or human teeth, their use has become far less desirable for people of any age due to the increase in popularity of the well researched and highly successful dental implant option. In years past, dentures filled the role of giving people teeth so that they can chew and smile with reasonable efficacy but they have their limitations:

They can fall out – even with special denture glue, the risk of the dentures becoming stuck in certain foods is still high, and without the glue, it’s certain. Even talking or laughing could make them come loose, meaning that your confidence levels drop as you may not want to risk public embarrassment should that happen.

Bone loss – while we know that your confidence in your day to day life is very important, our chief concern is how having missing teeth will affect your bones over a period of time. Once a tooth is completely extracted, the bone no longer has a point to anchor to and slowly begins to dissolve as the body realizes that it no longer needs as much bone structure in this area. This bone loss will cause the cheeks and lips to fold inwards making you look older than you are and causing wrinkles and lines that would otherwise come much later.

Preferable implants

With dental implants in Leicester, you can get back the life and confidence you had before losing your teeth and getting dentures. And with the procedure available at just about any age – provided there is still enough bone to work with – you can reverse the signs of aging and even bone loss.

Dental implants in Leicester are titanium posts or screws that are implanted into the bone of the jaw or skull. If you are already missing quite a bit of bone, we can perform a bone graft that, when healed, can support an implant. Once the implants are inserted, you will need to wait 2-6 months for it to heal while the bones grow and fuse themselves to the new support that the implant offers. Once this has happened you will be fitted with a new set of teeth that are secured to the implants. These teeth are completely realistic and can support your active lifestyle whatever age you may be, offering you the confidence you may have been missing before.