Dental Implants in Leicester: A secure form of tooth restoration

One of the biggest fears for many people across the world is breaking or severely damaging a part of the body. This is an understandable fear for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that it can be extremely painful! Aside from this though, there is a risk that if someone causes too much harm or pain to one of their body parts, then it may cease to work properly. Furthermore, for some body parts, there is a risk that it will not just cease to work but that it will come off entirely! It is exceedingly rare for it to somehow become “detached” from the rest of the body as a result of an accident, however for smaller body parts, such as the teeth, this risk is greater. Despite this, many people simply choose to accept it if one or many of their teeth get damaged or fall out of the mouth. This is not an advisable thing to do however, as it can lead to a number of health complications and can make previously simple activities, such as eating and drinking much more difficult. Because of this, when people do become the victims of an incident that has caused them to lose a tooth it is important they are aware of secure solutions to restore it. Whilst there are a few different secure and reliable methods to restoring missing teeth, the one that we will take a special look at today is Dental Implants in Leicester. Dental Implants in Leicester is a treatment that provides patients with new, artificial teeth to replace those that have been damaged. They give the patient an improved appearance and improved oral health overall.


Our practice, Aesthetic Smiles, can offer Dental Implants in Leicester from a highly trained and knowledgeable dental team. Not only that, but we always have patient satisfaction at the forefront of our minds and always provide you with a caring and warm welcome. To understand who is a good candidate for Dental Implants in Leicester, we need to take a closer look at what this treatment entails and the results that can be expected from it.

Dental Implant procedure, how it works and expectations

Dental Implants are small screws made out of titanium and are designed so that a crown or bridge can be screwed on top of them. They are inserted into a patient’s gum tissue through the use of a custom drill that makes a small space for them within the jawbone. The screws integrate with the bone via a process known as osseointegration and helps them to be strong and secure in a patient’s mouth.

After treatment is finished and the mouth is fully healed, dental implants can be used to support partial or full dentures and crowns. Once any of these are fitted on top of the dental implants, the implants will look and feel like natural teeth. This allows the patient to eat and chew foods with minimal discomfort. The implants also help the face to retain its natural shape and size and eliminates the discomfort from using removable dentures.