Curious about the advantages of dental implants? 5 benefits of oral implants by Aesthetics Smiles

If you are someone who regularly reads celebrity or health-based magazines, you have probably heard of oral implants.


Used by the rich and famous to conceal gaps or to improve the aesthetic appearance of their smiles, these prosthetics are taking over the dental world by storm, offering a more long-term solution to missing teeth that don’t cause sores on the gums!

However, despite the recognition of oral implants, many dental patients are still reluctant to choose them as an option for closing gaps in their smiles. Many people worry that they will be uncomfortable to fit, that they may cause infections or that they will be extremely expensive.

When you come to Aesthetic Smiles for dental implants in Leicester, our team will always ensure that you feel no discomfort during the fitting, will provide you with aftercare advice to help you avoid infections and will offer suitable patients financing options to spread the cost of this cosmetic treatment! In short, when you come to us for oral implants, we will ensure that all the bases are covered, so you can relax with your new and improved smile.

But what are some of the other benefits of having dental implants in Leicester? Read on to find out!

Improved bite

One of the key advantages of having oral implants is that they can improve your bite strength and precision. If you have worn dentures for a while, you may have been wary about biting into tougher foods for fear the denture would come loose. With our dental implants in Leicester, you can bite into the crunchiest apple without issue. Perfect!

Improved dental hygiene

Gaps in your mouth can act as a magnet for bacteria to accumulate, which can in turn cause problems with any surrounding natural teeth. When you have oral implants fitted, not only will these gaps be sealed, but you will probably feel more inclined to take better care of your teeth, resulting in an improved oral hygiene regime.

Improved speech

Back to the dentures; even if they are fitted with the strongest glue, they can come loose during the day, causing issues with speech and pronunciation. Also, it can cause wearers to pull their facial muscles into unusual contortions, which can lead to discomfort. As they are secure to your gums, the implants will never come loose, allowing you to speak with the correct inflexion. Perfect!

Improved comfort

Once again, having dentures can cause excess amounts of friction on the gum line, leading to sores and ulcers to form on the gums. While you may experience a feeling akin to bruising after the implants are fitted, in the long-term, these prosthetics are more comfortable to wear.

Improved digestion

If you have missing teeth, chances are you are not chewing and grinding your food correctly.

Implants offer a stable, permanent way for you to chew up even the toughest of foods, reducing the likelihood of gastrointestinal issues like acid reflux, indigestion and malabsorption. Your nutritional intake will improve too! Brilliant!