We Offer Sedation For Nervous Patients Near Aylestone

At Aesthetic Smiles near Aylestone we are aware that many patients suffer from anxiety and we are trained to care for patients with dental phobia. Our practice is relaxing, peaceful and comfortable and we use a range of techniques, including sedation, to help patients to feel more relaxed when they have dental treatment. For many patients, dental phobia prevents them from seeing their dentist on a regular basis, which has negative consequences for their oral health; we aim to make patients feel more comfortable and provide painless treatment so that all our patients feel able to attend regular dental appointments.

What is sedation?

Sedation is a popular treatment used to treat patients who have dental phobia and those with concerns about having dental treatment; it involves the use of sedative medication, which induces a state of profound relaxation. Sedation is not the same as general anaesthetic, but it does help to eliminate pain and prevent patients from experiencing discomfort during a dental procedure.

There are various ways sedatives are administered, including oral sedation, inhalation and IV (intravenous) sedation.

What happens during sedation?

When you are sedated, you will feel sleepy and relaxed; you will be able to hear your dentist and you can communicate with them if you wish. You should not feel any pain while you are sedated and most people have little recollection of what happened when they come around after treatment.

After sedation

After treatment, it is normal to feel a little drowsy and it takes some time for the effects of the medicine to wear off. We advise our patients to arrange a lift home and ask somebody to stay with them at home until the effects of the medication have worn off fully. You should not drink alcohol, drive or operate heavy machinery for 24 hours after sedation.



Meet Our Practice Principal Near Birstall

Allow us to introduce you to our practice principal, Dr Juttes Pallipatt.

Juttes graduated with a degree in Dentistry in 2002 and undertook further training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at various units, including Leicester Royal Infirmary. During his three year training programme, Juttes was awarded Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgeons of the Royal College of Surgeons in England.

In addition to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Juttes also has training and expertise in General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Dentistry and he takes referrals in these areas.

He is also trained in caring for nervous patients and he is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist; he is very popular and he has a relaxed and compassionate nature, which helps to calm patients and make them feel more comfortable. Juttes offers intravenous sedation for patients with dental phobia and anxious patients.

Dr Pallipatt has extensive training in General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry and he has a special interest in Implantology; he is a member of the Association of Dental Implantology, as well as several other organisations, including the British Dental Association and the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

He is always eager to keep up with the latest dental news and he travels extensively to attend conferences and talks about new treatments and techniques, which may be of benefit to his patients in the UK.

Juttes is a friendly, understanding and hugely skilful dentist and he looks forward to welcoming you to the practice near Birstall.

We Offer Painless Injections For Our Patients Near Aylestone

At Aesthetic Smiles we understand that many patients feel nervous when they have to have injections. The Wand is just one of many techniques we use to try and make dental treatment as comfortable as possible for our patients.

What is The Wand?

The Wand is a computer-controlled painless injection system. The instrument looks similar to a pen, so it much less daunting than a needle and it helps to prevent pain by controlling the flow of the fluid through the needle. In most cases, injections are painful because the medication is injected too fast; with The Wand, there is no risk of this as the speed of the flow is controlled by computer software. The amount of medication or anaesthetic that is injected is also controlled by the computer.

The Wand is designed to comfort nervous patients; although there is still a needle, it is hidden and patients are unable to see the injection going into their skin; instead, The Wand looks like a normal pen.

What are the benefits of The Wand?

The Wand helps to prevent painful injections, but it can also be hugely beneficial in reducing anxiety in patients who have a phobia of needles and those who become very nervous when they are about to have an injection. The Wand looks less scary than a needle and the procedure is much more comfortable, as there is no risk of the medication being injected too quickly.

If you are a nervous dental patient or you feel very anxious when you have an injection or see a needle, The Wand could help. At Aesthetic Smiles near Aylestone we also offer other services and techniques to reduce dental anxiety and eliminate pain from dental procedures. We have experiencing in treating nervous patients and we go the extra mile to try and make you feel as relaxed as possible.

Introducing The Wand Pain Free Injections For Patients Near Braunstone

Many patients feel anxious when they go to the dentist and one of the major causes of nervousness is a fear of needles and injections. If you suffer from this phobia, The Wand could help.

What is The Wand?

The Wand is a treatment used to eliminate pain and stress from having injections; needles are used frequently in dentistry to give anaesthetic and this treatment can help to make having dental treatment much less daunting for patients who are scared of needles.

The Wand is a painless injection, which controls the flow of the anaesthetic or medicine through the needle; it does not look like a normal injection and is similar to a pen. The Wand helps to prevent pain by using computer technology to control the speed at which the anaesthetic is injected into the vein; in most cases, injections are painful because the fluid is injected too quickly or there is a sudden surge of fluid and The Wand helps to ensure that this will never be a problem. The Wand also helps to make sure that the correct amount of anaesthetic is injected.

Who can benefit from treatment using The Wand?

The Wand is designed for people who are anxious about needles and injections and it is suitable for adults and children. The Wand looks a lot less menacing than a traditional injection and it tackles the major cause of painful injections: an uneven, quick flow.

The Wand makes going to the dentist less stressful for nervous patients and this means that patients are more inclined to visit their dentist on a regular basis, which reduces the risk of dental problems.

If you suffer from dental phobia or dental anxiety, contact us today at Aesthetic Smiles near Braunstone; The Wand is just one of many treatments and techniques we employ to help patients feel more relaxed.


We Offer A Range Of Sedation Treatments For Patients Near Victoria Park

We want all of our patients to have the best dental experience possible, but we understand that some patients are more nervous of dental treatment than others. For those who feel extreme anxiety in regards to dentistry we offer a range of sedation options to help ease the negative emotions you may feel when you visit the dentist.

What is Sedation?

Sedation differs from anesthetic as the patient is completely conscious throughout their treatment. However they feel no pain or anxiety and are able to breathe unaided and even carry on a conversation with their dentist. Sedation allows nervous patients to have the necessary dental treatment they need, before dental decay and gum disease take over the health of their mouth.

What forms of sedation are available?

We offer a range of Sedation, which comes in three forms:

  • Conscious Sedation-taken orally
  • Inhalation Sedation- given in the form of gas
  • IV Sedation-given through an intravenous drip

This choice allows our patients to decide which the most comfortable option for them is.

Calm and relaxing dentistry

We want all of our nervous patients to have a good experience while at the practice, which is why we take our time and make sure all your questions are answered. We never rush you with your treatment and will always go at your pace. Music and meditation help some patients through treatment and we are happy to cater to all needs so you can receive the dentistry you need.

If you would like to book a consultation with one of our professionals please call the practice today near Victoria Park. We will be happy to listen to all your worries and put your mind at ease in order to help you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you desire.




We Have Innovative Wand Treatment For Nervous Patients Near Aylestone

It’s only natural to feel nervous when approaching a dental appointment, however for many people these nerves can become a serious impediment to their dental health and wellbeing. Fortunately at Aesthetic Smiles near Aylestone some of the root causes of dental phobias and nerves are addressed through an innovative and painless Wand treatment.

Needle phobia

Many dental phobias are linked to past experiences of pain, particularly during the application of anesthesia necessary for a safe and otherwise painless dental treatment. The application of these injections can be remarkably painful where needles are applied too quickly, or where the anesthesia itself is injected too quickly. At Aesthetic Smiles The Wand is used to provide a painless application of anesthesia, which can restore your confidence in dental treatment and help overcome your nervousness or dental phobia.

How the wand works

The Wand is a sophisticated instrument which delivers anesthesia under the careful control of a computer which aims to administer the drug in a manner which alleviates the pain associated with anesthetic injections. By carefully controlling the rate at which anesthesia is applied, The Wand can very effectively ensure a smoother and more comfortable dental treatment.

The Wand is so named because of its pen like appearance. The instrument is designed to conceal the needle which is often a cause of nervousness for many patients. Many people have needle phobias which can make trips to the dentist particularly unpleasant, and with this in mind, The Wand is engineered to look like a standard pen and thereby create a more comfortable experience for anyone with a fear of needles.

At Aesthetic Smiles patient comfort is of the utmost concern, and The Wand is one of many instruments used to address nervousness and phobias which are a widespread issue in dental care. The Wand is ideal for adults and children who have experienced pain during the injection of anesthesia in the past and those who have a fear of needles.