Why It is Vital for Your Health to Chew Your Food

Most people do not give much thought about the proper way to eat their food. A lot of it, you need to chew, drink and sip, and that is it. No part of it is more complicated than it sounds, but you may be paying less attention and paying a steep price for it. About chewing, especially, is where you are probably missing the point.

dental healthThe way your body works, your stomach relies on your teeth to break down the food so that it can process the nutrients and throw away the waste efficiently. But, with the rise of fast food and fast eating, a lot more people now are ingesting food as a whole. You may think it does not matter, right, as your stomach will process food no matter what.

You may want to change that mindset, as your gut has no teeth. Though we are a dental office, we have a basic understanding of our digestive system and we will be glad to inform you about the right way.

Micro Sustenance

The nutrients your stomach process goes to the cells. Thus, as aforementioned, unchewed foods are harder for the stomach to process and as a result, you are left with unsustained cells. Furthermore, the Institute of Food Technologists found that those who chewed less experienced more health issues.

Saliva is also part of the process, and the more you chew, the more your body makes. This liquid helps your body digest food, and it actually activates your brain to tell the stomach to produce acids. Genius, right? It is a remarkable process activated with such a simple act as chewing.

Empty Sockets, Whole Foods

It is much less of the healthy food options, and more about the unmashed food in your stomach. When you have fewer teeth, it means you chew less food. We are only talking about one empty socket. As for multiple missing teeth, you may be putting your stomach in overtime just because you are chewing more than what your gut can take.

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