The formative years for dental health

Instilling lifelong habits for taking good care of yourself starts in childhood. This is make-or-break time for so many things because children absorb what is going on around them and then copy it for the rest of their lives. That’s why, if you want your child to have great dental health throughout their lives, it’s up to you as a parent to find a dentist that offers good children’s dentistry in Leicester and then bring them along for regular check-ups.

Children’s Dentistry in LeicesterMastering the art of the toothbrush

It takes a while to learn how to brush your teeth. Here at Aesthetic Smiles in Leicester, we can teach your child the best ways to hold a toothbrush and how to get at all those teeth, even the ones at the back so that they remove all the plaque. We can make it fun too, so that your little ones can enjoy gaining the discipline to stand still for 2 minutes twice a day – a tall order for most kids.

Check-out the check-up

Whether or not your child grows up to be scared of the dentist depends on what happens to them as a very small person. The best way to get them to form the habit of coming for twice-yearly check-ups is to start bringing them along as soon as you can after they are born. Bring them to your own appointments, as well as those of any older siblings. If they can get used to the dental environment and see you in the dentist’s chair all relaxed and having a positive experience, it won’t be long before they want to have a go themselves.

The sugar trap

Sugar is the big enemy of teeth. It feeds the bacteria that live in our mouths and they give off acids that cause decay and gum disease. Kids tend to suffer from much more decay because they consume more sugary snacks and drinks and aren’t so good at tooth brushing yet.

Sugar solutions

We can help you prevent decay in your children’s teeth with fluoride treatments to harden the enamel, and fissure sealants to create a protective coating over the teeth.

How to get your child to love the dentist

How many people do you know who are scared of going to the dentist? Have you ever asked them why? Did something terrible happen to them as a child? Or maybe their parents just didn’t bother to take them when they were really little, so their first experiences happened when they were older.

It is possible to get a child used to the dentist, and you can start this process by bringing your child along to their first check-up when their milk teeth start to come through. If you want you can even bring them along to your own appointments before that.

Children's Dentistry in LeicesterAt Aesthetic Smiles, we believe that good children’s dentistry in Leicester leads to good adult oral health later on, in that with positive experiences in their past, as children leave the nest, they will make regular check-ups part of their adult self-care routine.

When you bring your child to us, we will do everything we can to make sure they have a positive experience.

We will also, of course, be on the look-out for any dental issues, so that we can nip them in the bud before they cause damage. So, as with any check-up, we will be looking for signs of early tooth decay and gum disease. In recent years, decay has been on the rise in children, so you may be interested in treatments to prevent decay in children.

Fluoride treatments

We can help protect your children’s teeth against decay by treating them with fluoride, painting it onto the teeth to help strengthen them.

Fissure sealants

This treatment looks after those back teeth, which are so prone to decay in children, particularly when the biting surfaces have deep crevices or have already shown signs of decay. For this painless treatment, we wash and dry the teeth before conditioning them with a special gel. Then we apply a white or clear sealant, which flows into the fissures. It is hardened with an intense blue light and the job is done.

Of course, your child still needs to get into good regular oral health care habits, but once they have, they tend to last a lifetime.