No more metal monster face

What’s been putting you off getting your teeth straightened? Is it that you think straightening is only for kids? Or maybe you have an image that you need to keep up for work? Or maybe you just can’t face taking more than a year out of your life to go through a treatment? Or is it the comments that you just know will come flooding at you?

Six Month Smiles in LeicesterIf any or all of these are reasons you have continued to live unhappily with your wonky teeth, then you’ll be glad to hear that at Aesthetic Smiles in Leicester we have braces that solve all of these problems. They are called Six Month Smiles. Want to find out more? Great. We’re dying to tell you all about them.

Not just for kids

Let’s be clear. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can still get your teeth straightened. All it takes is sustained pressure on your teeth and the jawbone will work to relieve that pressure by shifting the teeth out of its way. It’s a matter of dissolving and rebuilding the bone, and it can be done at any age, although it does take longer as you get older.

Keeping up a professional image

No one is going to call you brace face or Metal Micky with Six Month Smiles because these ultra-discreet braces are made from small clear ceramic brackets strung together with one wire that is coated in a tooth-coloured material. The whole effect means the braces blend in with your teeth rather than overwhelming them.

A matter of time

Six Month Smiles are so-called because that is the average amount of time they take to move your front 6-8 teeth into alignment. It could take as little as 4 months or as long as 9, but no longer. So, treatment is over almost before it’s begun.


If anyone does comment on your braces, they’ll have to be up close to see them and they are more likely to say, “Wow! What brilliant braces! Where can I get them?” than anything else.

Want to find out more? Give us a call and book a consultation. You’ll soon be on your way to a fabulous new smile.