Crowns let you keep your teeth for longer

If you have damaged a tooth in an accident, or it is beginning to fall apart for some other reason, at Aesthetic Smiles in Leicester, we can help you hang onto it for longer by fitting you with a crown. The great news is that, if you do need a crown, we can fit it in one day, instead of you having to wait a couple of weeks.

Crowns in LeicesterCrowns work in the same way as veneers, in that they disguise damage and protect the tooth by covering it. The big difference is that veneers only cover the front of the tooth, whereas crowns cover over the whole tooth. Both require removal of tooth materials before fitting.

Teeth damaged in accidents

It’s not at all unusual to sustain damage to your front teeth. Plenty of people chip and crack them while playing sports, skateboarding, cycling or just mucking around, especially as youngsters at school.

Very often this can be fixed by covering the front of the tooth with a veneer, but if the damage is more severe, and affects the back of the tooth as well, it is probably better to have a crown fitted.

Teeth that are crumbling away

There comes a time when a tooth is more filling than tooth. When this happens, it is no longer a sensible option to keep adding more filling, especially if the tooth is starting to split. This scenario often happens with people who have fillings in their back teeth and are also prone to grinding their teeth at night. When the chewing part of the tooth is starting to fail, but there is still a healthy root underneath it, having a crown fitted can strengthen the tooth and give a longer life.

Introducing our Cerec machine

We can make you a new crown in around an hour, thanks to our Cerec machine. We scan your mouth and do a colour match, then programme the Cerec machine to make your new crown. No messing around with temporary crowns while you wait for the lab to make your permanent one.

Want to know more? Do give us a call or ask when you next come for a check-up.