Smile makeovers and the cosmetic dentist

Most of us have got one or 2 things about our teeth that we’d like to upgrade, but if you are very unhappy about how yours look, then maybe you need to think about getting a smile makeover.

A smile makeover is different from just getting a couple of cosmetic treatments done. If you want your whole smile transformed, you are best off taking it along to a properly trained cosmetic dentist, such as us at Aesthetic Smiles in Leicester.

Smile Makeovers in LeicesterGeneral dentists are looking at your teeth from a health point of view. Cosmetic dentists are trained to look at teeth in a different way. We see teeth as things of beauty. Where a general dentist will automatically assess your teeth for decay and gum disease, we can’t help but notice if they are the right, size, shape and colour for your mouth. We see if your teeth are too big for your face, or your face is too big for your teeth. We see if your teeth not only line up well together, but whether they are in harmony with each other size-wise.

The smile makeover consultation

When you come for a consultation for a smile makeover, we want to know all about what you’re unhappy with, and also what your dreams are regarding your smile. We will then carry out an in-depth examination of your teeth, mouth and face and then draw up a treatment plan to give you what we think is the best makeover programme for you. It could be a simple pair of treatments, or a more complex series of treatments that take several months to complete.

What treatments you may have

Almost everyone’s smile makeover includes teeth whitening, which removes stains that build up after eating and drinking certain things, such as red wine. But when you have whitening will depend on what other treatments you are having. Dental porcelain can’t be bleached, so if you are having veneers, crowns, or dental implants, you will need to have your teeth whitened first and the porcelain matched to them.

Why not come in for a chat and see what we can do for you?