The fundamentals of your smile

You can spend all the money you like on teeth whitening, veneers and all the other wonderful cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer here at Aesthetic Smiles, but if the fundamentals of your smile are not in place, you might as well throw your money down the drain.

Behind every really good smile is good oral health, and that’s why here at Aesthetic Smiles in Leicester, we place great emphasis on our general dentistry treatments.

Genaral Dentistry in LeicesterGeneral dentistry covers all aspects of dentistry that form the basis of keeping your teeth and mouth in good condition. It starts with regular check-ups and plaque removal appointments, but it also covers remedial treatments. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer:

Your gums

One aspect of your mouth that it is very easy to forget to take care of is your gums. When we are young, it’s all about cavities and avoiding tooth decay, but as we move into and through adulthood, we are far more likely to get gum disease.

At Aesthetic Smiles, we have a range of treatments to take care of gum disease, from its milder forms to the advanced stages that can lead to tooth loss. Keep gum disease at bay with regular scale and polish sessions to remove any build-up of plaque.


Your teeth can get infected on the inside when there is decay or they get damaged. If you have an infection, we can treat it by removing the infected pulp (the soft inner core) and replacing it with filling material. We then put a crown over the tooth to protect it.

Crowns and bridges

If you have a damaged tooth that still has a healthy root, you are better off trying to hang on to it, as your jawbone needs tooth roots in it to keep it strong and healthy. We can cover your tooth with a crown to keep it strong and make it last longer. If you do lose a tooth or 2, we can give you a bridge to replace them.


We also offer partial and full dentures to replace lost teeth. These are artificial teeth on a plate that you remove at night to clean and rest your gums.