Only saints need not apply for a mouth cancer screening

Worldwide, mouth cancers are the 6th most common types of cancer. They are directly linked to lifestyle causes and that means as you get older, you have more chance of developing them. So, unless you have been a teetotal, non-smoking, super-slim, vegan who has never had sex, you are at risk. If you are not one of the above (do you even know any?) and are over 35, then you need to make sure you have a mouth cancer screening in Leicester with us at Aesthetic Smiles once a year.

Mouth Cancer Screening in LeicesterWhat are mouth and throat cancers?

Mouth and throat cancers occur when cells get damaged and start to grow out of control, forming tumours. They tend to show up on the upper throat, the mouth lining, the tongue, lips, tonsils and gums.

Drinking and smoking damages cells and exposes them directly the carcinogens in alcohol and tobacco. Also, some scientists think that alcohol can act as a solvent and help other dietary or environmental cancer-causing chemicals to enter the cells.

Who gets mouth cancers?

If you smoke and drink, you are even more likely to develop mouth cancer.

You are more likely to get mouth cancers if you are male, and if you are infected with the HPV virus. Being overweight also increases your chances.

Mouth cancer screening

We can do your screening after one of your bi-annual check-ups. We will carefully check inside your mouth, using a small mirror to look at less easy-to-see places such as under your tongue. Once we have checked your mouth, we will also use our fingertips to carefully feel through your neck to the top of your throat to check there is nothing untoward going on their either.

We will also ask you if you have noticed anything odd, such as a suddenly hoarse voice, or a tingly lip, or areas going numb.

Easy to treat

Mouth cancers that are caught early are usually treated very easily. Small lumps can just be cut out.

If you do suspect you have symptoms, don’t wait until you are due your next screening, come in and see us right away.