The foundation of a great smile

Watch a bit of TV, especially a reality show, and you will notice what lovely, gleaming, well-ordered smiles everyone has these days, especially those under the age of 40. Were they born this way? Nope. They have had the beauty of their smiles brought out with cosmetic dental treatments, such as the ones we are famous for here at Aesthetic Smiles.

General Dentistry in LeicesterHaving a smile that you can feel great is about is important, but if you want to keep it that way, it’s not cosmetic dentistry you need, it’s general dentistry, and that’s why we deliver both to such high standards here in Leicester.

What is general dentistry in Leicester?

This is the umbrella term for all the treatments and checks that go into maintaining great smiles. And it all starts with the check-up.

The check-up

You should be coming for one of these every 6 months. We examine your teeth and mouth for the beginnings of any problems, such as decay, gum disease and mouth cancer. If we spot issues that we think need treatment, we will discuss them with you and if agreed, send you a written treatment plan, including costings.

General dentistry treatments

The 2 main enemies of a great smile are gum disease and tooth decay, both are caused by bacterial plaque that builds up on the teeth and gives off erosive acids. Our general dentistry treatments are all to do with keeping these issues at bay, and dealing with them when they do appear, whether at an early or advanced stage.

In children, who are still developing their toothbrushing skills, we help protect teeth with fluoride treatments to make their enamel more resistant to acid attack, and fissure sealants to protect vulnerable back teeth.

In adults, our general treatments are more concerned with repairing problems. That means filling cavities, and when teeth start to fail, strengthening them with crowns.

Teeth do get knocked out and they also fail, so general dentistry also covers replacing teeth with bridges and dentures.

Teeth also get infected and we can save teeth with root canal therapy.

General dentistry is the foundation of your smile. Don’t forget to come and see us.