Are you curious about dental implants in Leicester?

Even if you don’t know it, it’s possible that you have seen lots of people with dental implants. This is because they are one of the most effective tooth replacement methods available. They are designed to look and function like normal teeth.

Dental Implants in LeicesterIf you are interested in finding out more about the benefits that people report when they have dental implants then read on. We see patients experience some or all of the following when they have dental implants with us here at Aesthetic Smiles:

  • Seamless functionality – the base of your dental implant is buried in your jawbone. The bone knits around it to secure it and then you can use your new teeth to perform all the natural actions that you could with your old teeth. You should find the action seamless as the process of healing ensures that your dental implants move in concert with the action of your jaw. If you have been living with deteriorating teeth for a while, you can even find yourself with functionality that is even better than before;
  • Improved appearance – as we mentioned, new teeth look great when people have dental implants at Aesthetic Smiles. We do our best to match the shade of your restored teeth with any that you have remaining. If you are having all your teeth replaced, we can copy a photograph or give you something that is age and complexion appropriate based on our experience. It’s also possible for dental implants to improve the look of the outside of your face as well. The teeth help to make the face look full. Without them, it can take on a sunken appearance. Dental implants can help to restore a natural look;
  • Healthier teeth – whether you are filling gaps or replacing broken teeth with dental implants, you should experience a higher standard of dental health once you have had your teeth replaced. If you have experienced any discomfort as a result of deteriorations, this is alleviated when your teeth are replaced. We recommend a diligent hygiene routine to take care of you gums and any remaining teeth but the prosthetic teeth attached to your dental implant will not decay.