The foundation for a beautiful smile

You hear a lot about the various treatments you can have to make your smile beautiful. Veneers, whitening, cosmetic braces, gum contouring, all can really enhance your smile. But such treatments are pretty pointless if your teeth are not clean, strong and healthy. General dentistry is foundation for a beautiful smile because unless your oral health is good, no amount of beautifying is going to last.

General Dentistry in LeicesterSo, if you are looking for a new dentist, it’s important to asses them on their general dentistry skills, as well as all the extra beautifying treatments they may boast about.

Here’s at Aesthetic Smiles in Leicester, we believe that a beautiful smile, is, above all, a healthy smile, and that’s why we make sure we all receive continuing professional training in our general dentistry skills as well as cosmetic dentistry skills.

What is general dentistry in Leicester?

Broadly speaking, general dentistry is the check-up appointment and any treatments that result from that that are carried out by a dentist who has not gone onto to do postgraduate training in a particular branch of dentistry.

A general dentist will carry out your twice-yearly check-up. If they find you have decay or early gum disease, they can treat you. Regular check-ups followed by a visit to the hygienist for professional removal of plaque and tartar from around the gum line and tooth grooves can help prevent decay and gum disease, both of which can lead to teeth failing and needing to be removed.

Decay can also lead to infection, and this can be incredibly painful. If you have an infection, we can prescribe antibiotics to clear it up. You may also need root canal treatment to clear infection from the pulp and tooth root. In really severe cases, we may need to remove the tooth.

Gum disease can also lead to the teeth coming out, but for different reasons. Gum disease is the result of acids from plaque attacking firstly the gums and secondly the bone underneath them. The acids eat both away. This inflames and irritates the gums, but actually destroys the bone around the tooth, loosening it in its socket.