When you’re smiling..

Altogether now: ‘When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you’. It’s an oldy but goody. And it’s also the truth. Did you know that your smile is your most important non-verbal tool of communication? It’s what you use to get you through a busy day, flashing it at bus drivers, as shop assistants, at toddlers in the supermarket.

So, if you are afraid to smile for fear of sending other people screaming in the opposite direction, or more likely for fear of horrified stares and mean comments, then you are disabling yourself. And even though not smiling may preserve your dignity, it is not helping your happiness levels, because smiling releases important happiness chemicals like serotonin.

Smile Makeovers in LeicesterHere at Aesthetic Smiles, we can help you and others in the same boat get a smile that the whole world will want to smile along with, with smile makeovers in Leicester.

What’s involved in a smile makeover?

Sometimes people have a veneer here, or a bit of cosmetic bonding or a white filling there, getting their smile improved in increments. But a smile makeover is a treatment in itself, or rather a combination of two or more treatments.

When you have a smile makeover, you come to us specifically to get your smile improved. We take a good look at your mouth, teeth, gums and so on. We look at what sort of condition they are in and how they relate to each other. Do your teeth seem too big for your mouth, or are your gums too low? That kind of thing. Then we put together a suggested package of treatments, in the right order, to transform your smile.

For example, we’d make sure your teeth were whitened before you had your veneers fitted because we know that porcelain veneers don’t respond to teeth whitening treatment. But we’d do the whitening after any gum realignment because there is more to be whitened if you have gums that come down too low over your teeth.

How long it takes depends on how much work you need to have done and what. Some treatments take only a couple of appointments, others, such as braces, can take months.