A good all round dentist

In the past couple of decades there have been so many advances in dental techniques, materials, and equipment that there has been an explosion in cosmetic dentistry. Today it seems that everyone is focussed on having the best smile possible.

This is all well and good. We love a good smile. That’s why we’re called Aesthetic Smiles. But we are also firm believers in providing an excellent level of care in general dentistry in Leicester.

A complete service to protect your dental health

General Dentistry in LeicesterThere is absolutely no point in allowing our patients to go ahead with spending lots of hard-earned money on treatments to provide beautifully white straight teeth if those teeth are housed in diseased gums, or are teetering on the brink of decay or infection.

That’s why we will only offer cosmetic treatments to patients whose mouths are in tip-top oral health. Fortunately, it easy to stay on top of your oral health. All it requires is discipline to clean your teeth twice a day, and come in for a check-up twice a year. If you do that, we will be able to spot any issues before they turn into a crisis. There are things we can spot, such as decay and gum disease, that you will probably not notice until it is already quite advanced. You won’t know you have decay in a back tooth, for example, until it starts to give you a toothache. By the time that happens, it means the decay is into the pulp of your tooth, where the nerves are.

What this means for you is that treatment is going to take longer and cost more. You may even end up having to have root canal therapy, or a tooth extraction. And if you lose a tooth, then you are into a whole new ball game, that of tooth replacement. You could be looking at a great deal of money to replace a tooth, that, if only you’d taken better care when brushing and come to us for regular check-ups, need not have been lost at all.

Ultimately, investing in your dental health today means long-term peace of mind.