Considering Botox?

Considering wrinkle relaxing treatment, such as Botox, should not be taken lightly.

Ultimately, this is a life-changing decision that needs a lot of thought and research prior to undergoing treatment. It is important to ensure that whoever carries out your procedure is a highly trained professional with a strong reputation, otherwise you risk receiving mediocre treatment that could have varying outcomes and complications. At Aesthetic Smiles in Leicester, only dentists do our procedures.

botulinum-toxinThis is because they have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the facial anatomy and can perform it in a precise and safe manner. Aesthetic Smiles uses the botulinum toxin type A for this treatment.

Can I afford it?

Do not scrimp on the price of your Botox!While some cheaper alternatives may seem enticing, it is far more important to have confidence in the capabilities of your practitioner than to simply opt for one due to a cheaper cost. Why not look online at our reviews of before and after procedures to fully understand the quality of service you will receive at Aesthetic Smiles.

How does it work?

Botox lessens your wrinkles by blocking the nerve signals that tell your muscles to contract. Once you’ve had an injection into a specific muscle, that muscle is basically paralyzed, although it is not damaged at all. When Botox is injected into a muscle that causes a wrinkle in your skin when it contracts, paralysis of that muscle prevents the wrinkle from forming.

The effects of Botox are most noticeable in wrinkles that only show when the muscle contracts. Therefore, it can be used to treat ‘crow’s feet’, as they are most prominent when we smile and frown lines, which are most visible when we frown.

As we get older our skin can lose elasticity. This can lead to permanent creases in our skin, leaving a wrinkle that is noticeable even without muscle contraction. Botox isn’t used to get rid of these wrinkles, but can help to soften them, giving an appearance of smoother skin.

Its effects begin within 48 hours and become noticeable within five to 10 days. However, the effects may only last between three to five months, at which point you’d need to get another Botox treatment to keep the desired effect.