Cosmetic dentistry – your route to an ideal smile

Cosmetic dentistry can help you attain your ideal smile, whatever that means to you. At Aesthetic Smiles dental practice in Leicester, we know that every patient is unique and individual, so it only follows that every smile should be the same. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here; instead, good cosmetic dentistry involves tailoring treatments to suit your individual wants and needs – and create your perfect smile.

cosmetic-dentistry-LeicesterThe concept of a dream smile is subjective; what it means to you may be entirely different to what it means to someone else. You may look at your favourite pop star or TV presenter and dream of having a smile like theirs, but even if a similar smile would suit your face you may end up taking an entirely different route to get there.

Similarly, if you ask your friends, family, or colleagues what their dream smile would look like, you will undoubtedly receive a range of answers. Therein lies the beauty of cosmetic dentistry: it can create individual dream smiles to suit every need, and every face.

Here’s an example: let’s imagine that you have a gummy smile, with too much gum tissue on show. You also dream of having bright, white teeth. Your wife, however, wishes for a whiter smile too, but would also like to repair chips in her front two teeth. Your colleague has recently knocked a tooth out in a cycling accident, whilst your grandma is complaining that her dentures keep slipping and don’t look natural.

The cosmetic dentistry team at our Leicester clinic can help in all of these situations:

Your gummy smile can be improved with painless gum contouring treatment, which can then be topped off with a course of teeth whitening. Because some of your wife’s tooth staining is permanent, porcelain veneers could provide the perfect solution. Veneers would mask and reinforce the chipped teeth, too, and only require a couple of appointments.

In the case of your colleague, she has several options; she could have a cosmetic bridge supported by her adjacent teeth, or for a long-term option could choose dental implants with a single, tooth-coloured crown.

Dental implants would help your grandma, too. They could be used to stabilise permanent, custom-designed cosmetic dentures.