Gum Recession: What it is and Why it Happens

Most people have gingival recession or commonly known as receding gum. In fact, a study revealed that it occurs to more than 50% of all adults in the UK.

What it is

oral hygieneGum recession is a condition where a portion of the gum tissue surrounding the teeth deteriorates and pulls back. Signs include exposed teeth’s roots, sensitive teeth and the appearance of longer teeth. Once gum tissue recedes, there is no way to grow it back naturally.

This condition may cause more oral problems. Pockets form between the teeth and gum line, which may trap food and disease-causing bacteria. These increase the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease, which will eventually lead to damage and tooth loss.

Why it happens

Gum recession can be a cause or effect of certain factors, such as heredity, chronic gum disease and malocclusion. The recurring infections prevent gum tissues to recover and return. In addition, a misaligned teeth and bite will place excessive force on gums and bone, causing them to recede.

Poor oral care is another factor. Overaggressive brushing and flossing causes the gums to pull away further from the gum line. In addition, lack of oral hygiene causes tartar build up and leads to gum-related diseases.

Certain oral habits may lead to gum recession as well. Bruxism or night-time teeth grinding may put a strain on the gums, causing them to pull back. Frequent tobacco users have sticky plaque in their teeth, which increases the risk of receding gums. Piercings in the lip or tongue may irritate the gums, causing infection and recession.

Prevention and Treatment

Oral health experts strongly recommend thorough brushing to prevent the gums’ wear and tear. As for treatment, some dentists perform gum contouring through laser technology. It is the process of levelling the gum line to protect the teeth’s roots from further damage.

Healthy gums for healthy teeth

Healthy gums go hand in hand with healthy teeth. Therefore, careful maintenance of gums is very important. Through proper oral care, people may avoid experiencing gum recession and its consequences.

A dentist’s intervention is necessary for those who already have gum problems, however. Aesthetic Smiles provides a range of dental procedures that will help improve the teeth and gums. Our treatments let people enjoy not only good oral health but confidence in having a better smile, as well.

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Bad Brushing Habits You Might Regret Later in Life

Many people are unaware of the proper oral health routine. Brushing teeth is second nature, but some barely think about it carefully. One of the reasons to brush teeth is to banish bad breath and fight off cavities, no question about it. What if, however, the way you clean your teeth and gums makes you more vulnerable to dental caries and gum disease? This is, indeed, alarming.

As it turns out, there are some mistakes that the majority of people are making, which may harm their oral health over time. As a trusted dental practice, we thought the need to enlighten you about what you are probably doing wrong and how you can break those bad dental habits.

aestheticThe Impact of Neglecting Oral Hygiene

In the latest report from the British Dental Health Foundation, it reveals that around 6% of UK adults no longer have their natural teeth. Though this figure has declined significantly when compared to the 1968 data, dental professionals note that it is still a high number considering tooth loss is preventable.

Many British still do not realise it, but using the wrong toothbrush, not brushing the tongue, brushing too hard and not flossing may cause serious damage to the teeth. Despite the efforts of organisations and the local officials to increase awareness on improving the oral health, some people born in the 1960s are used to having no oral education.

The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

Taking care of teeth and mouth must begin with the arrival of the first tooth and continue throughout life. Apart from avoiding sticky food and cutting out sugary drinks, it is important to schedule dental visits regularly. Not looking after teeth and gums whilst still young may lead to regrets. You do not want that to happen, do you?

The primary element of good oral health is learning how to maintain healthy teeth. Here at Aesthetic Smiles, we offer a broad range of dental treatments and services to help you achieve youthful-looking smile. We are committed to ensuring a comfortable stay, provide clear explanations and assist you throughout the treatment process. Contact us today for an appointment.

What Makes a Smile Attractive?

A smile is a social asset. Other than being an indicator of emotions, it also enhances the aesthetic features of a person’s face. It helps create an impression, inspire people and build lasting relationships.

Given its importance, it just makes sense to address dental problems to turn an unattractive grin into something beautiful. But what makes a smile visually appealing?

Sometimes, a beautiful smile is not easy to have. Dentists take into account certain factors before undertaking any procedure to improve smile aesthetics. Here are some of them.

aestheticThe Teeth

Obviously, a person’s teeth are a major factor when it comes to the attractiveness of a smile. The most important things we deal with are the colour, the shape and the alignment of teeth. We also consider the way the teeth reflect light. We always make sure that the line dividing the two upper teeth are aligned with the midline, or the imaginary line that bisects the face.

The Lips

The muscles in your face can affect the way a person smiles, especially the lips. The lips serve as a frame that emphasises the teeth. We have augmentation and enhancement services that will improve the shape, roundness and symmetry of the lips. We also have facial rejuvenation solutions to complement such cosmetic requirements.

The Gums

Many consider a gummy smile unappealing. To achieve a stunning smile, one has to undergo gum contouring, a procedure where we decrease the amount of gum tissue around the teeth, making the tooth structure more visible. This will also fix the smile arc. We reshape the gum using an advanced form of laser treatment.

These are only some of the factors we look into when it comes to making smiles attractive. To learn more about our services, visit our other pages or get in touch with our patient services department.