Get A Celebrity Smile With Our Veneer Treatment Near Humberstone

Dental veneers are an easily applied and extremely affordable treatment, which can strengthen teeth as well as vastly improve their appearance. As administered by Aesthetic Smiles, dental veneers can help adjust the size, colour, or shape of your teeth.  The end result is invariably a better looking smile with more aesthetically pleasing teeth.

Transform your smile

Veneers are most often applied to chipped, stained, or misaligned teeth, and while alternative methods are on offer at Aesthetic Smiles near Humberstone to help you address such issues, veneers are often the simplest, most affordable, and most straightforward technique available. While other methods offer their own distinctive benefits, Veneers are virtually unparalleled in the realm of convenience and affordability.

The main benefit to using veneers is cosmetic as they help to create a brighter, whiter finish to your teeth. That being said they can also provide a straighter appearance to your teeth where applied correctly. In some cases veneers are offered or taken up after an orthodontic realignment of teeth, for instance after Invisalign treatment or the use of the Inman Aligner.

Where the orthodontic corrections needed are only minor, veneers can be used to effectively conceal small spaces or gaps.

Create a dazzling new smile

Each set of veneers is developed to a person’s individual needs. Each set of veneers is then applied to teeth through a dental bonding medium which will safely adhere the veneers to their respective teeth. Your Aesthetic Smiles dentist will talk to you about what you hope to get out of your veneers to ensure that your veneers meet your requirements and expectations. Each set can vary in their size and thickness, as well as in their colouring and contours. This level of flexibility ensures that you get the look and finish that you want for a smile that boosts your confidence.



Why Choose White Fillings Near Stoneygate

Dental fillings are now common place solutions to dental issues, and while an effective and successful modern technique, the final aesthetic result can be less than pleasing. This is why Aesthetic Smiles near Stoneygate can offer you access to white fillings for a better final look.

Discreet white fillings

Most fillings are metallic and leave a distinctive silvery finish where they are applied. White fillings as offered by Aesthetic Smiles are, very fortunately, engineered to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding tooth. Each white filling can be made up of porcelain, resin, or dental composites for a wide array of different restorative treatments and approaches. White fillings can be used to replace mercury fillings which pose a toxicity risk due to the poisonous nature of mercury.

White fillings can also be used as either onlays an inlays where appropriate, making the application of this type of fillings quite flexible. Inlays are typically applied to cavities which have eroded the enamel and dentin of our inner teeth. Used here, white fillings as onlays can protect from any further decay and can also maintain their appearance. As onlays white fillings are typically applied as porcelain crowns for improved bite and chewing actions.

Composite fillings

White fillings can also be used to sculpt dental veneers, a cosmetic treatment which increases the quality and strength of teeth as well as improve their appearance. White fillings used for dental veneers provide an excellent finish, particularly for anyone on a budget or looking to treat a small number of teeth.

Ultimately regardless of how and why white fillings are applied for restorative or repair work they are used for two main reasons. The first being the preservation of your teeth and the prevention of tooth decay, and the second being restoring or preserving the appearance of your smile, and through that, your confidence in how your teeth look and feel.


How To Achieve Healthy Gums Near Victoria Park

Our teeth are essential tools which we depend upon for a lifetime of use, and because of their importance, their good health is absolutely critical. Maintaining healthy teeth means so much more than just keeping our teeth themselves clean. It is vital to ensure that the mouth as a whole is kept as healthy as possible, which includes maintaining the health and stability of our gums as well. At Aesthetic Smiles near Victoria Park the importance of healthy, clean gums is understood, and a number of dental treatments are available to ensure that these invaluable assets are kept as robust as possible.

Looking after the gums

Healthy gums are achieved and maintained both at home and at the dentist’s clinic. Even the most rigorous oral health regimes are sometimes not enough to prevent the gradual and often initially imperceptible decline in our gum health. Smoking and poor, sugar rich diets will often take their toll on your gums, regardless of how vigorous your oral health regime is, and this is where the appropriate dental care can make a huge difference.

We offer preventative treatments

Aesthetic Smiles can offer preventative treatments which can preserve the long term health and safety of your teeth and gums. These include professional polishing, scaling and cleaning techniques which address two major gum care issues: plaque and tartar. These are standard signs of a decline in gum health, and by preventing their onset or treating them quickly as they develop, Aesthetic Smiles can improve the health and longevity of your teeth and gums. By preventing bacteria from making their way into the pockets around your gums, particularly those areas which are hard to reach with a brush or floss, these treatments can ensure that your teeth and gums remain bacteria free and healthy.

An appointment with an Aesthetic Smiles dentist can help you determine which treatments are best suited to the requirements and needs of your teeth. The end result will be vastly improved oral health which can increase the longevity of your teeth and gums.

Modern Dentures For Modern People Near Western Park

Dental technologies have evolved in leaps and bounds in recent years, and modern dental tools and techniques offer distinctive and unique benefits. Many dental applications like dentures are now designed to better suit the lifestyle needs of modern people, and at Aesthetic Smiles the need for modern solutions is well understood. A consultation with an Aesthetic Smiles near Western Park dentist will ensure that you find a treatment suited to your particular needs and way of life.

Innovative modern dentures

Modern dentures feature a number of improved design features which vastly improve their functionality and comfort. At Aesthetic Smiles one of the modern approaches to dentures employed are Implant Retained Dentures. These are dentures which are fitted with dental implants, titanium insertions which fix dentures to the jawbone and stabilize them for improved chewing and bite strength. The improved support offered by implant retained dentures means that you can comfortably eat foods that would not otherwise be accessible to standard dentures. Dentures of the past lacked anchorage, and because of this would often shift when used, irritating gums and making particularly chewy foods almost impossible to eat . Moreover false teeth of the past would often fall out easily, an issue very effectively addressed through the fitting of modern dentures to dental implants.

Modern dentures offer unique stabilization

Modern dentures are designed to be more streamlined fit more comfortably, however even these are susceptible to falling out or becoming unstable without the anchorage provided by dental implants. Implant-retained dentures offer incomparable security and comfort as they are so effectively stabilized by their implants.

Dental implants can vastly improve the longevity of a set of dentures by preventing unwanted slipping and sliding. Considering the fact that a set of dentures can end up being quite expensive, this is a significant financial benefits.

If you are looking for the most modern denture solution available to you, implant retained dentures can provide you with unprecedented comfort and usability, and are definitely a product worth considering at the high standards provided by Aesthetic Smiles.



Fast And Effective Discreet Braces For Adults In Leicester

It is now increasingly common to find adults who are looking to straighten their teeth, and where adult orthodontistry is concerned, discretion and speed are major concerns. The most successful adult braces have proven to either deliver their results as quickly as possible or with the most discretion possible. Many brands aim to deliver more than one of these goals through innovative and novel designs.

Modern braces for adults

Orthodontics are most often associated with teenagers and young adults, however more and more adults are now making use of dental technologies to straighten and revitalize their teeth. This is partly because our teeth can become misaligned in later life. Adult orthodontics can very effectively address a number of dental conditions, including crooked or protruding teeth, as well as improper or incorrect bits and irregularly spaced teeth.

By not addressing such conditions further problems like jaw pain and Temporomandibular Joint Disorder can develop, and these can influence the functionality and comfort of your jaws. Misaligned teeth can also leave you feeling less than confident in your teeth and how they look, thereby leaving you less comfortable in your smile.

We offer a range of adult braces

Aesthetic Smiles in Leicester can offer a dental service which selects from the range of orthodontic options available for what would be best suited to your ends.

Many modern dental braces are prepared with discretion in mind, although some brands aim for discretion over functionality and durability. Invisalign for example is a brand known for extremely discreet products which can take a year if not more on average to achieve your goals. The Inman Aligner on the other hand is made to be fairly discreet, however further emphasis is placed on achieving results more rapidly. Whichever of the many approaches available to you chosen by yourself and your Aesthetic Smiles specialist will undoubtedly confer the best possible results should you follow your treatments as you should.




Receive New Teeth In Just One Day Near Thurmaston

While undeniably beneficial to anyone using artificial teeth, dental implants can take a surprisingly long time to install and finally use. This is understandable considering the fact that each of these implants must fuse with the jawbone, but can still be an inconvenience nonetheless. For anyone who wants a more rapid dental implant solution, All-on-4 implants may provide an ideal solution.

Faster missing teeth treatment

All-on-4 implants boast a far more rapid application and installment procedure as well as a number of other benefits. Aesthetic Smiles can offer you these distinctive advantages to effectively support partial or full dentures.

Dental implants provide stability

Dental implants act as artificial roots, mimicking their natural counterparts to secure your prosthetic teeth to the jaw. In doing so, dental implants confer improved stability, and the consequences of that improved stability include improved biting and chewing. However it can take some time to finally have your implants fitted and ready to use.

Vital to the success of implants is their fusion with the jawbone. A dentist will drill a socket in the bone into which your implant will be placed and left to fuse. The fusion process can take as long as a few months, a period during which your implants may be left unused. What All-on-4 implants offer is an opportunity to have a set of dental implants installed and made usable all in one day, hence earning this particular implant technology names like ‘the one day smile’ or ‘same day smile’.

We use only four implants

All-on-4 implants are also unique in that far fewer implants are used than when compared to other dental implant technologies. Rather than anywhere between 6 and 12 implants, All-on-4s are mounted on, as the name suggests, 4 implants. These are placed to maximize their position within the jaw for the greatest possible stability and strength, which means that these implants are available to people how lack the amount of jawbone needed to support multiple implants.

All-on-4 implants offer you the convenience of being able to make use of your implants on the same day as their insertion. This allows you to make the most of this remarkable technology’s benefits more quickly than many alternative implant technologies and techniques. At Aesthetic Smiles near Thurmaston this treatment is available alongside a range of other dental implants.


Clear Braces Treatment For Straighter Smiles In Style Near Beaumont Leys

Aesthetic Smiles near Beaumont Lays offer the revolutionary Invisalign braces system for anyone looking at achieving straighter teeth with unparalleled discretion. These aptly named ‘invisible braces’ have proven remarkably popular and successful since their inception, and at Aesthetic Smiles you can make full use of the many benefits of Invisalign.

Discreet braces treatment

Whereas braces of the past were all too visible as well as uncomfortable, Invisalign aims to provide the most discreet and comfortable experience possible. Rather than bulky metallic brackets and wires, Invisalign braces are made up of a series of clear aligners which are replaced every 2 weeks. Each aligner is designed to gently maneuver your teeth into their target position, with each subsequent aligner bringing you closer to your goal. The use of multiple aligners in this way is an amazingly effective method of realigning teeth both safely and effectively.

Removable braces

Each of these aligners looks like a transparent gum shield and offers the added convenience of being removable. To achieve the best possible results however, you are advised to wear the aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day.

On top of their remarkable discretion, Invisalign braces also offer unprecedented comfort while wearing. The absence of wires and brackets and the unique design of the aligner means that you will find them far easier to wear. Moreover the fact that each aligner is a removable fixture means that you can very effectively and effortlessly clean your teeth. In the past the bracket and wire system used by most braces made cleaning teeth effectively a major obstacle. Invisalign makes cleaning your teeth significantly easier, a benefit which translates to vastly improved oral hygiene.

Invisalign is offered alongside a range of other orthodontic treatments at Aesthetic Smiles. These provide you with the opportunity to straighten your teeth in a manner of your choosing, as each of the many technologies available can straighten your teeth in their own distinctive ways.


Transform Your Smile With A Range Of Cosmetic Dental Treatments Near Glenfield

Cosmetic dentistry as offered by Aesthetic Smiles near Glenfield provides you with a fantastic opportunity to give our smile that extra boost to not only improve its appearance, but boost your confidence and how you feel about your teeth and smile. By taking into account the natural shape and appearance of your teeth, your Aesthetic Smiles dentist can suggest and offer treatments that help you achieve your dental goals.

We offer a range of cosmetic dental treatments

A range of different cosmetic treatments are available at Aesthetic Smiles to ensure that the right smile makeover technique is available for your teeth. These include tooth whitening, a popular treatment by which a whiter, brighter smile can be achieved. Tooth whitening is offered as both an in-clinic service and as an at-home option, which means that you can achieve the smile of your dreams at your comfort and discretion.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are also available to both reshape and realign teeth where necessary. If your teeth are misaligned or not as straight as you would like, then a number of different orthodontic measures are available to re-orient your teeth in a manner of your choosing. Modern orthodontic braces are designed with discretion and comfort in mind, and a variety of different options are provided to help you achieve your aesthetic goals in a manner of your choosing.

Restoration treatments

Dental restoration treatments are also on offer where teeth need repair or restorative work. Replacement teeth can also be applied for their aesthetic ends, which include improved volume in the face (particularly around the cheeks). These procedures can have a remarkable effect on your appearance and can rejuvenate and revitalize your smile.

Other treatments on offer include tooth coloured or porcelain applications like onlays, inlays, and crowns. These are a great aesthetic solution to damaged teeth, and can also improve their appearance.

Alongside these cosmetic dental approaches skin rejuvenation can be provided and can achieve a more complete smile makeover.


Introducing Dental Implants For Missing Teeth Treatment Near Birstall

Thanks to dental implants offered at Aesthetic Smiles near Birstall, replacement teeth can offer unprecedented levels of comfort and functionality. Tooth loss can occur as a consequence of injury, long term decay, or gum disease. Regardless of the cause of tooth loss, dental implants are an invaluable tool in restoring the usability of your artificial teeth and your confidence in them.

Old fashioned dentures

Traditionally tooth replacements have been plagued by issues which have restricted their usability. For example dentures have posed issues when chewing foods due to the fact that they lack the anchorage which contributes to the stability and robustness of natural teeth. Typically these issues would include unwanted slippage and movement which would irritate the gums beneath them. This would in turn restrict the foods available to denture users, and reduce their confidence and comfort in their prosthetic teeth.

We offer high quality dental implants

The issue of stability has been very effectively addressed through the use of dental implants. At Aesthetic Smiles the value of high quality dental implants is understood and the many benefits of these remarkable treatments are available to anyone who has lost or missing teeth.

Dental Implants stabilize replacement teeth by acting as artificial dental roots, mimicking the roots which anchor our natural teeth to the jawbone beneath our gums. It is this anchorage which allows our teeth to withstand chewing and biting a variety of foods.

Each implant is a titanium fixture placed into a carefully drilled socket in the jaw. Given enough time to heal, each implant fuses with the jawbone to form a solid base to which full arches of teeth or single replacement teeth can be applied. A range of implant technologies and products are available to ensure that you get the right implant for you and your requirements.

The benefits include vastly improved comfort when chewing and speaking. The added stability provided by implants means that you can bite and chew your food more naturally and comfortably, and can therefore eat foods that you would not be able to in the absence of dental implants.

We Have Innovative Wand Treatment For Nervous Patients Near Aylestone

It’s only natural to feel nervous when approaching a dental appointment, however for many people these nerves can become a serious impediment to their dental health and wellbeing. Fortunately at Aesthetic Smiles near Aylestone some of the root causes of dental phobias and nerves are addressed through an innovative and painless Wand treatment.

Needle phobia

Many dental phobias are linked to past experiences of pain, particularly during the application of anesthesia necessary for a safe and otherwise painless dental treatment. The application of these injections can be remarkably painful where needles are applied too quickly, or where the anesthesia itself is injected too quickly. At Aesthetic Smiles The Wand is used to provide a painless application of anesthesia, which can restore your confidence in dental treatment and help overcome your nervousness or dental phobia.

How the wand works

The Wand is a sophisticated instrument which delivers anesthesia under the careful control of a computer which aims to administer the drug in a manner which alleviates the pain associated with anesthetic injections. By carefully controlling the rate at which anesthesia is applied, The Wand can very effectively ensure a smoother and more comfortable dental treatment.

The Wand is so named because of its pen like appearance. The instrument is designed to conceal the needle which is often a cause of nervousness for many patients. Many people have needle phobias which can make trips to the dentist particularly unpleasant, and with this in mind, The Wand is engineered to look like a standard pen and thereby create a more comfortable experience for anyone with a fear of needles.

At Aesthetic Smiles patient comfort is of the utmost concern, and The Wand is one of many instruments used to address nervousness and phobias which are a widespread issue in dental care. The Wand is ideal for adults and children who have experienced pain during the injection of anesthesia in the past and those who have a fear of needles.